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Fic Rec Post: Theme: Adrian/Franziska

This rec post is dedicated to perverbially, who is writing If Love Is Surrender, an awesome Adrian/Franziska fic in its own right. Check it out here: chapters 1/2, chapter 3, chapter 4, and chapter 5.

(The story can get graphic at parts--violence (physical/psychological), suicide triggers, mental illness, drugs, alcohol abuse, bad language and self mutilation all make an appearance in the first chapters--but it's really good and not back-to-back scenes of this all the way through the fic (chapter 5 is an excellent example of how it isn't), so if the topics above don't completely squick you out it'll be a good read.)

In case you missed the subject line, this is a Adrian/Franziska fic rec. I'm assuming that if you don't like the pairing you won't read further.

@perverbially: Most of this is long!fic and, depending on how much browsing around in the fandom you've done, you might've seen it before. I'm hoping not, since reccing fic to someone who's already read it is pretty pointless. *crosses fingers*

It is also going to be ridiculously long (looking, at least), so apologies for that.

One of the most prominent A/F authors--in my mind, at least--is CantFakeTheFunk. This opinion mostly comes from his story Follow the Fool, which details the two women meeting after Adrian gets out of prison. It was probably one of the first memorable A/F fics I ever read, and he seemed to be kind of a big deal on the Court Records forums, so...anyways. The fic focuses on a visit the two women have after Adrian's gotten out of prison and explores both the way their feelings change towards each other and the personal impact this shift in feelings has on both of them...most notably Franziska. There's a mixture of serious and fluffy/funny moments throughout the fic and overall it's a nice read. In additon, the ever hilarious Zarla, who's drawn a lot of stuff for the fandom, drew two comics for scenes from Follow the Fool! (Beware; they're kind of spoilery for the story.)

In addition to Follow the Fool, CFTF has several A/F oneshots (that are also really long, but generally amusing and/or hot) over at his profile. Also, if you ever wanted PW in space, with giant flying/fighting robots...well, he's got you covered on that too.

Next up we have Mélange by musouka and Lerayl. This fic is far different from Follow the Fool; it doesn't have a plot so much as it has the central theme of "Franziska and Adrian". It's composed of several "drabbles" of sorts which sort of skip around from friends to an established relationship between the two. I personally like it quite a bit, as I've always liked the sort of stories that are made of drabbles, but beyond that it does a good job of portraying short scenes in which we get to see how Adrian and Franziska act and react with one another. Not nearly as long as CFTF's stuff, but still a healthy length.

Speaking of Lerayl, he/she has some A/F stuff as well. There's Renewal, a oneshot about the dangers of not dancing well while around Franziska von Karma; Clemency, another oneshot focusing on Adrian and her reaction to Franziska during the events of 2-4, after she is already in prison; and The Realization of Perfection, a multichaptered fic, which stars Franziska and is more along the lines of (what I may be improperly categorizing as) a character study. (Adrian comes in at the third chapter, I believe.) The latter two have less to do with romance and more to do with the characters themselves, though the last chapter of The Realization of Perfection could be taken in a "leading to larger things" way. The first two fics aren't particularly long, though the last one is fairly lengthy.

To round it off, there's Tales of a Foolish Fool by Interstate_405, a collection of kink meme prompted A/F drabbles, ranging in subject matter from vampire!Adrian being clumsy to the unthinkable situation where Franziska rejects Adrian. Which we know would never happen, because all whip-wielding prosecutors always fall for clumsy, adorkable managers/promotors. The drabbles tend to be midlength. Fourteen Details We Name Happiness by Shigan has A/F as an already established relationship and deals with them having issues over clashing schedules and connecting on a deeper level. It's fairly long. And, finally, there's Speakeasy by sabinelagrande. The only one of my recs that isn't on, this one's a personal favorite of mine. I have a feeling you've probably seen it already, as it's on an archive you've published on, but I can hope! It's a fairly short drabble set in an AU: a 1920s speakeasy, or illegal bar, during the Prohibition era in the US. The drabble has both established A/F in it as well as Edgeworth seducing Gumshoe and Phoenix getting slapped as he tries to pick up some women, so you know it's going to be good.

That's all the fic I have to rec right now. I really hope that it wasn't too long and that I didn't go on and on too much! I tend to ramble a bit when typing, so hopefully everything I said wasn't too boring. Or, at least, that you find the fics entertaining (and new)!

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