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Fic Rec Post: Theme: Happy Go Distracted

Another fic rec post! Much like the last one, it's dedicated to perverbially and much of it's from But, unlike the last one, this is focused not on the smokin' hot pairing of Franziska/Adrian, but on awesomeness, subject matter and, to a lesser degree, the length of the fic being recced. (There's also going to be some author reccing, as well, because there's some seriously amazing ones in the PW fandom that write a lot. Lucky us!)

@perverbially: There's a lot of pairing fic in the rec. But, to balance that out (and mostly cover it if it turns out you really don't like the pairings I've recced fic for), there's also quite a bit of gen fic mixed in.

I figure the best place to start the fic rec is with a rather long one; there's 47 chapters posted of it so far. However, it's not so much one cohesive story as it is a collection of writings that range from drabble length to possible oneshots. This "story", otherwise known as Anecdotal, was written by Pyrasaur and is probably my personal favorite drabble-slash-almost-oneshot collections on, and probably the web, because it's long and has all sorts of insane/awesome stuff in it. Many of the chapters seem to be the shorter PWKM fills she's done, which is why there's so many different settings for the drabbles/oneshots. And since we're on the topic of Pyrasaur, I suppose it wouldn't harm anyone if I brought up Where To Rely, a Mia/Lana fic set on a collge night that starts out warm and gets right up to burning hot while managing to sustain intellegent dialogue through out the entire thing, and Clapping It On, in which Gant and Maya get on swimmingly at Gant's released-from-jail party in a way hilariously awkward for everyone else. Oh, and a drabble featuring Charley/stepladder as the pairing. And a sexy Adrian/Angel Starr oneshot. Pyrasaur is--was?--pretty active in the fandom, so she's got a nice category of fic available to peruse, both over at her account and her InsaneJournal fic account.

Edit: Pyrasaur has also dropped by and added that she's over at Dreamwidth and Archive of Our Own. The Archive of Our Own account doesn't have much AA stuff on it, but the Dreamwidth has quite a bit.

And while we're going along with author!reccing, Croik, of Court Records fame, has a good deal of fic to offer as well. Much of it is porn, yes, and much of it is slash, but it's well written porn and slash! This listing over here tends to have more of the porn while her profile has a few tamer fics mixed in. One of them, Sustenance, which focuses on three of the murderers from the game, has a chapter on Matt that I thought you'd find interesting. Another author, Revell, appears to be a bit newer to the fandom than Croik but still offers good fic, such as Lady Lazarus, which explores what a series of short encounters between a young Kristoph Gavin and Dahlia Hawthorne would entail, and Sonata in G Sharp Minor, which looks at the relationship Klavier and Kristoph might have after the last case in AJ. There are some other (mostly Gavin-centric) gen fics, as well as some slash, on her page. I haven't gotten a chance to check out most of the other gen fics, unfortunately, but from the fics I have read, I'm sure they're all very good. And then there's one more author, Kamikaze Butterfly, who's written some short but good slash/femslash stories, including a Franziska/Adrian one! (Since you're pretty much synonimous with Franziska/Adrian in my mind now, I figured I had to throw at least one F/A fic in the rec. It'd just feel weird otherwise.)

To wrap it all up, because it looks like this is getting ridiculously long, there's some single fics I want to rec.

--Destati, by inked kisses, is three chapters with pairings generated by that hilarious contraption we know as the Random Ace Attorney Pairing Generator. I didn't read the first one, since it had a GK character and I still haven't finished GK because...yeah, but the other two I really did like. I'm a sucker for fics that get completely crack/unlikely pairings to work, especially if it's in a more un-romantic way. I believe the author's also written other things for PW, as well, which should be available on his/her profile.
--one hundred turnabouts by Good Day Sunshine. It's a Phoenix/Maya drabble collection that's cute/mildly depressing/well written. Again, he/she has more PW stories on their profile.
--The Steady Bees of Heartrape by Hermisia. It's the only story with Mia/Diego-slash-Godot as the main pairing that I've enjoyed, mostly because I'm terribly, terribly biased. But forget that, this fic is from Charley the houseplant's point of view, which makes it awesome and amazing! Anyone that can write a story convincingly from a plant's point of view has my respect.
--Killers by Rayndrop--who, unfortunately, hasn't written more for PW--looks at murder, specifically 1-5's murder, through the eyes of seven people most deeply involved in it.
--Flawless, by Recall the Love, is a Lana/Mia fic from Mia's point of view, which is actually fairly rare as far as L/M fics go; even rarer is the apprehension on Mia's part that's expressed in the fic. It's which is done well, considering how forceful fandom usually sees her as.
--Beneath the Surface, by SilverWind9, focuses on a character not often seen in fic--Angel Starr! It's set back before SL-9, when Angel was still a detective, and gives a glimpse into the dynamics between Angel and Lana before Gant came and screwed that up.
--Of course, if you're really looking for a lengthy fic and some slash, you probably want to check out Struggling Against Gravity by musouka and Lerayl. Turns out that they write awesome Phoenix/Edgeworth in addition to awesome Franziska/Adrian! I haven't read the entire thing, but I've read the first few chapters and the latest one, and they're well written, intriguing, and don't appear to start the romance up too fast, which sounds like a pretty good combination, all in all.
--And then, one last fic that I'm actually almost positive you've seen before, but I'll try it anyways: Better, on the PWKM. It's Franziska-centric and deals with the (one-sided, in this fic) rivalry between Franziska and Edgeworth that von Karma fostered by favoring Edgeworth. I'm fairly sure I came across it through your journal, but hey, maybe not.

...Ok, to just stretch this on a little bit longer: fic finding tips! I don't know if you need them--probably not, actually, they might be totally common sense--but they might be helpful in finding awesome fic and/or provide something to pass along to others, so I figure it can't hurt putting them in. For, I find that the best way to find fic that I'm interested in reading is through two methods: using the character selection drop-down menus around the top of the page, beneath the row of links to crossovers and communities, to filter to characters I'm interested in reading about--unfortunately, this method fails those fics that aren't tagged with the character(s) in them, but there aren't many that aren't, so it's a pretty good method--and checking out the "Favorite Stories" lists of the authors that I enjoy reading. Because if they write well/write for things that are interesting to me, they've probably faved stories that are also well written/have subject matter that is interesting to me, right? And then there's Archive of Our Own, which you've probably already checked out, since you've published there! But on the off-chance you haven't, it's got enough fic to probably keep someone busy for a while, so it'd probably be worth looking through. The PW section's over here.

And that wraps up this rec! I hope it wasn't too obscenely long or boring and that, y'know, you find some fic to read out of it, because it's not worth much if it didn't help you do that. It would've been shorter, but I kept going "I need more fic to rec, it doesn't feel like there's enough," so I kept searching and finding stuff, and right before I was ready to post I found bookmarked stuff that demanded to get on it. And thus, this gigantic post that may or may not be managable was born.

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