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Betaing Info

Requests are: iffy. School's been a bit of a problem. However, get in touch with me; I'll try as hard as I can to beta for you, it's just that I can't absolutely promise anything beyond that.

I do beta for all my listed fandoms. If you'd like to request me as a beta, please send an email to with the following information:

Name (online name, pen name, ect.)
Name(s) of fics you want betaed (if you haven't written them yet or something like that, please state something to that effect)
Link to where fics are posted (, LJ, ect.)

Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
ANY AND ALL BETA REQUESTS SHOULD BE HANDLED THROUGH MY EMAIL. I have no desire to learn how to work the DocX system FFN has, sorry.

Also, if you look at nothing else on this profile, please see my "unwanted" section. I know that people don't like to read through everything, and I tend to put a lot of information in there, so if you get the itch to skip a lot just know that the unwanted section is the one I'm most concerned about.

I'm a nit-picky sort of beta reader. Grammar and spelling are my first priority, characterization and plot development are second, and overall structure of the story is third. However, the order these are in don't make any of them less/more important than the others, it's just what I tend to lend my attention to in the first run-through.

I, personally, like to go through the work two times if it's a long piece--the first one is just a general run through, the second one is more detailed.

(NOTE: My SpongeBob knowledge is strong in the older episodes, but the newest episodes (2007/2008 onward) are mostly foreign to me. Just to let you all know. Also, I've completed TWEWY (The World Ends With You) up to the part where the credits roll for the first time. So I have no knowledge of what goes on past when the credits roll. So please do not send me things that deal with anything past the credits.)
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
My strengths lie mostly in the spelling and grammar area, but I can also make plot/characterization suggestions as well (as in, slow the story down, speed it up, character so and so shouldn't be that peppy, ect.).
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I tend to be a bit slow with betaing. But chances are that I'll have it back in a week if it's not super amazingly long. School has been a serious impediment in my betaing, timewise, so I usually do any betaing I get on Wednesday or on the weekends. However, when I have it betaed and when I'm able to mail it off are two different things. Normally, though, I let people know when I have it done and when I can have it back to them (if the two events fall on different dates).

My explanations/corrections can get long at times, though I'm fairly sure that there's nothing unecessary (by my standards) in there. Nothing like "oh, yeah, and I had a waffle for breakfast" or something.
Preferred: types of entries I prefer over others
Stories that you've read over yourself. I'm telling you, you are your own best beta. You know how the story works, you know what's supposed to be going on...I'm just the filter before it goes public. I can beta for all genres, though my preferences tend to lie in romance and survival stories.
Would Rather Not: types of entries I do not want to beta for
Well...I'm not a big fan of explicit scenes of a sexual nature anymore--as in, graphic descriptions of sex--so please don't contact me with those. (I know, my selected ratings are K through M, but "M" can mean a lot of different things to people. Some ranges of M I can handle while others I prefer not to touch. If in doubt, send it and I'll skim it and tell you whether I'll beta it or not.) Other than that, I'll take just about anything. However, self-inserts, modern AU (with AtLA), and something with many, many OCs I'm going to be checking and double-checking for ICness, so chances are I'll take longer getting it back to you.
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