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Half As Brave

Title--Half As Brave.
Fandom--N/A (Original).
Characters--Two unnamed females.
Pairing(s)--Mentioned Unnamed Female 1/Unnamed Boss.
Summary--You really should expect nothing less than blatant verbal backands across the face. //Drabble. Just something to get back into writing.//
Word Count--100.

A/N: I am so out of it right now. Maybe I should go be on a boat or something.

“I wonder,” she says, all candy coated poison and venom, “if you’d be half as brave if you didn’t have all that makeup on your face.”


You stare at her, shocked that someone would actually say something like that to you. (Even though this is her, and with her, you really should expect nothing less than blatant verbal backhands across the face.) She just smiles back before standing up and walking away as if her comment was as important as the air used to say it.


(You wonder if she’d be half as brave if she wasn’t screwing the boss.)

Tags: category: original fiction, character(s): anonymous, genre: general, type: drabble
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